Guitar Career Guidance

Guitar Career Guidance

Whether you are interested in playing the guitar and getting paid for it, or building and repairing guitars, you can find information about it on these resource pages.

Earliest examples of the guitar can be traced back 5,000 years to Iran through ancient Susa carvings and statues. The more modern guitar can be traced to the 14th century, when three sets of strings were used. Over the next several centuries, sets of strings were added, leading to today's twelve string (six sets) guitar. In 1931, the electric guitar was invented, paving the way for the modern guitar used today by rock musicians and other performers.

Music predates the written word, and is also thought to predate language. Prehistoric music was most likely created as a response to the natural musical sounds of birds and other animals. Music has been found in all time periods and cultures and has been an important part of history.

Today, music performance, education, and instrument repair are all important facets of the music industry. Guitar making, also known as lutherie, is a highly lucrative field. Guitar repair is also an option for the guitar-savvy.

Sounds of guitars are found in nearly every modern musical performance, from classical to rock.

The directories of schools here at can help one find the perfect program, whether for guitar performance, repair, or lutherie. There are even some links to coveted guitar scholarships.

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